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Best Home Automation Services in Bangalore

Make Your Life Smarter and Easier with Home Automation Systems!

Home automation enables you to discover the abode of your dreams – fully self-reliant and equipped with innovative technology which is no longer restricted to science fiction. With the help of our home interior designers and automation experts, more and more homeowners are now enjoying the luxury of completely controlled smart homes designed to make life simple and relaxing. At Cube Decors, you can find a range of best home automation services in Bangalore, from practical to highly luxurious indulgence, allowing you to control your home equipment with breath-taking ease.

Best Home Automation Services in Bangalore

The potentials of home automation systems are endless, and the result is a fully personalised living environment that instantly responds to your every desire. You can set the mood in your garden with ultra-modern lighting; maximise your work efficiency and maintain temperature as per your individual need with smart heating and air conditioning control; draw and close your curtains whenever you want with smart control; enjoy your favourite music tracks with a powerful music system; and of course, protect your house with state-of-the-art security system, everything with a simple touch of a button. Cube Decors can cater to all your smart home automation needs.

Applications of Home Automation

Some of the areas where best home automation services in Bangalore can be availed for:

  • Lighting control
  • HVAC
  • Garden management
  • Smart kitchen appliances
  • Improved home security
  • Air quality and water quality monitoring
  • Language-based voice assistants
  • Better Infotainment delivery
  • AI-driven experiences
  • Smart switches
  • Smart locks
  • Smart energy meters, etc.

Benefits of Availing Best Home Automation Services In Bangalore

  • Savings: Smart thermostats and lightings can save energy, cutting your utility costs. Some smart technologies can also monitor your water usage.
  • Safety: Many home automation equipment like automated lighting, security cameras, etc. can make your home safer and more secure.
  • Convenience: Since home automation technology is capable of performing rote tasks automatically, users can experience great convenience.
  • Control: You can use your smart mobile devices to control different functions within your home.
  • Comfort: You may use smart technology to record your favourite TV shows or to play music at home. Devices can be connected with each other to create a comfortable ambience at home.
  • Peace of Mind: Many people invest in home automation systems to ensure peace of mind. e.g. a new mom or dad can keep track of their little one, thanks to smart camera technologies. If you have a doubt whether you have locked your main door after you left, you can check remotely with the app on your mobile device.

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Best Home Automation Services in Bangalore

Multipurpose Family Living Room

A family room for everyone

Best Home Automation Services in Bangalore

Classic Master Bedroom

Rejuvenate bedroom

Best Home Automation Services in Bangalore

Living Room for Every Occasion

A classic family room revisited

Best Home Automation Services in Bangalore

Classic Master Bedroom

Rejuvenate bedroom


Frequently Asked Questions

Home automation is a combination of hardware and software technologies that allows you to control various devices in your home from a mobile device. More accurately, home automation describes a home where everything- lights, electrical outlets, appliances, heating and cooling systems, security alarms, door locks, etc. are remotely controlled and operated.

Automating your home can help save energy and cut down the utility costs. Also, with automated lighting and security cameras, you can make your home safer and secure. Home automation also allows you to “keep an eye” on your home even when you are away.

Cube Decors offers best home automation services in Bangalore at highly affordable prices. We have a team of trained technicians and deploy the latest technologies to automate your house.

We offer the following applications of home automation control: Smart kitchen appliances, lighting control, HVAC, smart locks, smart switches, garden management, smart energy meters, better infotainment systems, and language-based voice assistant.

You can call us on +91-9663224224 or write to us at for scheduling an appointment at your preferred date.

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