To decorate the small space living room and make it look more spacious is not such a piece of cake…but your project can be easier if you follow these helpful tips. Here are the tips that will help you get started. What you are supposed to do is just following the rules and applying to create your own small living room designs.
# Light toned flooring & wall colors
The light-toned floor will make your job easier. But if you have a dark floor that makes the room appear less spacious, just keep the floor free of clutter and consider painting walls and ceilings a pale color. Light wall paint colors with cool tone can to reflect more light into space and give the impression of a larger space.
# Right scale furniture
Choose streamlined multifunctional furniture and smaller scale furniture. And look for only smaller items that are light in color and have legs. Light colors reflect and multiply light and make space looks bigger. Furniture with legs also makes the room to appear more open. If you’d like to use your few existing big sized furniture instead of purchase all new ones, remember to place your large pieces against the walls — not blocking walking pathways in the room.
# De-cluttering and downsizing
Minimize the amount of furniture in the room and don’t let vertical space go to waste. It can draw the eyes up. This can make the room feel more expansive than it actually is. Mounting TV, bookshelves, or storage cabinets to the walls is a savvy space solution you can easily do.